How to Reserve A Puppy









Click the link How To Reserve A Puppy, print the pdf form, fill it out and mail it in.  If you have questions, call Louise at 608-565-7750


Requirements for Reserving A Puppy



  • We require a $400.00 deposit when puppies are available after birth
  • We accept personal checks and postal money orders
  • Pups are to be picked up starting at 8 wks thru 10 wks unless other arrangements have been made
  • Due to law changes we are no longer able to ship puppies on airlines.  Please call or email for transportation
Recommended Pet Insurance




Prudent Pet Insurance – click here for information

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Prudent Pet Insurance at 888.926.0830


Norwich Terrier Book





Good Reference to the Norwich Terrier Breed.

This book is published by Kennel Club Books, LLC
308 main Street –  Allenhurst, NJ 07711

The Book can be bought through Amazon or Ebay




NuVet Plus Supplements



All our dogs and puppies are given NuVet Plus Supplements.
I highly recommend them – Louise Vopelak

NuVety Plus Quality Vitamis for dogs & cats.
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What is spaying or Neutering?

Spaying or neutering involves a simple surgical procedure that stops your Terrier from breeding. Females get spayed and males get neutered.  (if male terriers are neutered early enough, it is possible they will not lift their leg, but will squat the rest of their lives.)

Why should I get my Terrier fixed?

The best way to avoid the problem of unwanted pets, and the kindest thing you can do for animals generally, is to make sure that your dog or cat is spayed or neutered. This will cut down designer breeders and will cut pet over-population, which is the number one problem for animals in America. This will save animals from roaming through streets and dogs that are unwanted.

But surely my one Terrier will not make a difference?

One un-spayed female cat is actually capable of generating a family of 85 million in 10 years!!!! It will make a difference. And it will also make your life much easier.

Will spaying or neutering affect my Australian Terrier or Cairn Terriers behavior?
Spaying or neutering your animal can help some of your animal’s behavior problems. Some of these problems include:

+ House soiling
+ Marking, spraying
+ Persistent barking or meowing
+ Roaming, escaping, climbing fences
+ Fighting with other pets
+ Biting humans and other pets
+ Bleeding and other problems associated with 
+ Female animals in heat

Will female dogs and cats miss having puppies or kittens?
No…. mother dogs and cats care for their young for a few months until they’re weaned, but then usually have nothing to do with them.

I feel uncomfortable getting my male pet neutered. I would not want that done to me!

Your animal companion is not you. His psychology and biology are quite different. His hormones developed in the wild produce as many offspring as possible so his species could survive. In the modern world, this only adds to the total of the unwanted animals that live a miserable life of suffering in a field somewhere.

Would a Female DOG be better pet if she has had one litter?

Not having puppies makes no difference at all to a pet’s temperament. That is taught when imprinted from young on up. All my Norwich Terriers are imprinted an socialized from the start.

Will spaying or neutering affect my pet’s health in any way?

YES! It will improve the health of your pet. Studies show that spaying a female before her FIRST HEAT reduces the risk of mammary breast tumors or cancers. In males neutering reduces the risk of prostate cancer in older animals.



AKC Inspected Terrier Breeder

Vopelak Terriers, LLC is a proud AKC Inspected Terrier Breeder.  If you would like to get a puppy and you’re still not sure, please give us a call or send us an email.  We would love to help answer any questions you have about our Norwich puppies.  608-565-7750